Our Pre-Primary Schools include the Pre-Nursery and Nursery School. We are well set up to create the basis for our children developemnt through our well taught programms and activityies developed by our educational institution. 

Admission into Towergate is simple but thorough. Pupils seeking admission into Pre-Primary are examined before admission is offered. Admission forms are obtained from the Office of the Registrar, Towergate Private Schools, 1 – 10 School Drive, Majiyagbe Layout, Ipaja. Admission forms must be carefully completed by parents or guardians and returned to the Registrar on time for processing.


A Day at School

The children will normally arrive at around 7:30am and thier learning will start at 8am. The acedemic programme for pre-primary student is listed below. However it is not all read but no play for our children. We developed a routine for a more engaging learning experience.

  • Snack time: 10am

  • Outdoor play: 10.30am 

  • 12pm: Lunch 

  • 1pm: Closing time

  • 2pm: Closing time for Reception

  • 2pm – 3pm: Extra-curricular activities

Home Work Policy

Our Kids gets home work to reinforce what they learnt while in school.The homework is given to them twice during the week and one on Fridays to keep them busy during the weekend
Parents are encouraged to check with thier children when they come home.. We dont advise parents doing the homework for the children but we encourage them to go over it with them and give feedback to the teachers on thier performance.

Learning and Developement 

Our children’s learning and assessment is carefuly put together,concentrating on the areas of Personal social and emotional development. Communication, language and literacy. Mathematical development, Knowledge and understanding of the world. Physical development and creatice development.

Teacher Parent Partnership

At towergate we cherish our relationship with parents and we encourage them to participate in our meetings and events. We believe the parents are in abetter position to know the children best. 
Through parent- teacher communication, the parents are able share thier level of expectation with the teachers. They inform the teachers of new behaviours noticed with their children.

When parents participate in our events, they are up to date on what is going on in the school and are able to make contributions, seek help and support while reaching out to other parents.

Academic Programme

The school academic programmes for Pre-primary run in the school are in line with government regulations, National curricula, school modules and syllabi of respective examination bodies. Consequently, various subjects are offered at this  level.


  • Numbers

  • Letters

  • Cosmic Education

  • Rhymes

  • Music

  • Health Education

  • Discovering the Environment


  • Numbers

  • Letters

  • Discovering the Environment

  • Health Education

  • Practical Life

  • Elementary Science

  • Rhymes

  • Creative Art

  • Music

  • Writing

  • Cosmic Education

  • Moral Education

  • Physical Education

  • Phonics