Our Student are prepared for senior school by the quality of education recieved at this level. Admission into Towergate is simple but thorough. Pupils seeking admission into our junior school are examined before admission is offered.

Pupils seeking admission are examined before admission is offered. Admission forms are obtained from the Office of the Registrar, Towergate Private Schools, 1 – 10 School Drive, Majiyagbe Layout, Ipaja. Admission forms must be carefully completed by parents or guardians and returned to the Registrar on time for processing.


School Calendar

The school calendar runs from September to July every year in compliance with Lagos State Government directives and Federal Government regulations. Usually, there are holidays at Christmas and Easter, and a long vacation of 6 to 8 weeks between August and September. The School also observes all Muslim and Christian public holidays as declared by the Federal and State Governments.

The school year is broken into three terms. First term runs between September and December; second term is between January and April; third term is between April and July. Classes are held from Monday to Friday except where public holidays are declared. Remedial classes and practical lessons may be held on Saturdays.

The school day starts with the Morning Assembly by 8:00am and closes with the afternoon assembly by 3:00pm. The school lessons are held between 3:30pm and 5:00pm. There are 3 break periods between 8:00am and 5:00pm for the students to relax in between lessons.

Code of Conduct

Towergate hold students to high academics and behavioural standards.

We have put in place. a system that consistently install the right standards in our students.

However when students cross the boundries, they are dealt with in accordance to the school punishment guidelines.

For details on our rules and regulation and punishment channels, Please clicck HERE


The student undergo different assessment at different stages of thier class. The students are given report at the end of each school examination period.

Both the student and parent can acess soft copies of results on thier respectful when they log-in.

Prior to examination days, students part-take in mock examninations put together to help prepare them for the main examination, the student sometimes pracise the national Test papers set for the National Curriculum.

Boarding Experience

Our student enjoys good boarding facilities, our hostels are built to make the student feel comfortable and at home. 

Click here to read more about the boarding facilities in he school.

Academic Programme

 The school academic programmes for the Junior School (Basic School) in the school are in line with government regulations, National curricula, school modules and syllabi of respective examination bodies.

Junior School 1 - 3/Basic 7-9

  • English Language

  • French

  • Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa

  • Music

  • Home Economics

  • Basic Science

  • Basic Technology

  • Business Studies

  • Cultural & Creative Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Physical& Health Education

  • Agricultural Science

  • Social Studies

  • Christian/Islamic Religious Knowledge

  • Computer Science