Boarders are strictly advised to comply with the following hostel rules and regulations. 

Boarders are expected to possess almost all the items specified in the list of the hostel requirements, and each of these items should have the owner’s name inscribed on it.

No boarder must go out of the school premises without an authorization from the housemaster or housemistress.

The daily routine time-table of the hostel must be observed. Therefore, all boarders must wake up at the appropriate time, observe the morning devotion, and carry out all necessary exercises and hostel chores.

Noisemaking, disturbance and loitering are also forbidden in the dormitories.

Every boarder is expected to go to bed at the final light out.

Male or female boarders are prohibited from going into the dormitories of the opposite sex.

Dormitories must be made clean and tidy on Saturday before 9.00am when the hostel masters and mistresses are expected to carry out inspection.

Boarders must always be in their house wear after school hours and during weekends.

All boarders must be regular and punctual at every hostel event or programme. Lateness at devotion or meal time is not allowed.

Boarders are not allowed into their dormitories during school hours unless special permission is granted by the hostel master/mistress.

Taps, fans, light, etc must be turned off or switched off when not in use.

Ironing of clothes must be done only at the places provided.

The use of home appliance, radio, cassette player, etc in the dormitories is prohibited.

Only authorized provisions are allowed for use in the hostel.

No boarder must receive a visitor in the dormitories.

Phone calls are allowed on school official phone between 5:00am and 7:00pm daily.

Visiting day for boarders is every first Sunday of the month between 2:00pm and 6:00pm.

No boarder is allowed to leave the hostel without duly signed exeat.


Hostel Requirements

1 Mattress & Pillow. 

1 Coverlet. 

2 Pyjamas (Boys) Night Gown (Girls). 

1 Towel.

4 Pairs of white socks.

4 or MoreWhite Singlet/Underwear.

4 or MoreWhite pants.

4 or MoreBoxers shorts for Boys.

2 or MorePetticoats for Girls.

1 each Plastic Bucket & Washing Basin (Medium size).

1 Small drinking water keg (2 litres). 

1 Stainless steel cup. 

1 2Flat plates (Stainless steel) and a set of cutlery. 

6 Plastic Cloth Hangers. 

2 Tiny Pink check shirt for boys – Short sleeves for Basic & long sleeves for SSS. 

2  Navy Blue shorts for Basic boys & trousers for SSS boys. 

2 White long sleeved shirt (all boys).

2 White trousers (all boys). 

2 Tiny pink check dresses (frock) for all girls. 

2 White dresses (frock) for Christian girls.

2 White dresses (frock) on white trousers for Muslim girls. 

2 White bedsheets and pillow cases – 4ft wide. 

2 Grey bedsheets and pillow cases – 4ft wide.

1 Gentlemen/Lady Evening Wear (Formal English/Traditional).

1 Students party clothes.

1 Pressing iron.

1 Rechargeable Lamp (without radio or cassette player).

1 pair Slippers, sport trainers, black school shoes.

Pocket money to be kept in students account with the school Min. N500 & Max. N2000.



Beverages (Milo, Bournvita etc)
Powdered Milk