Towergate Private Schools have many co-curricular programmes for the pupils/students to develop and round up their cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. There are also various clubs and societies in the school, and students/pupils are free to belong to any of them.

These clubs/societies include JET Club, Young Farmers Club, Literary and Debating Society, Dramatic Club, Cultural Troupe, School Choir, Home Makers’ Club, Boys Scout, Girls Guide, Karate, Taekwando, Press Club, etc.

All pupils/students are required to participate in the club and society activities. Students’ attendance in both sports & club activities is compulsory unless where students are exempted based on medical/health reasons.


Excursion forms a useful part of student’s education. Every term, Towergate pupils/students visit important places for a first hand practical knowledge of national, cultural or corporate wealth and heritage. Moreover, they have the opportunity to visit Western countries such as the United Kingdom, France, the United States of America as well as other African countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Benin Republic, etc.


Religion is an important part of our national life which should not be ignored. At Towergate, we encourage both teachers and students to practise the religion of their choice, and at the same time, make them respect other people’s beliefs or mode of worship. We have the facilities to accommodate Christianity and Islam to operate fully and independently.

Students' Publications

Pupils/students are encouraged to write poems, stories, plays or report events, give editorial comments, draw cartoons or read news and publish magazines. These write-ups feature prominently in Ivory Tower, an informative, educative, and resourceful news magazine published regularly by the school.


The school organises annual inter-house sport for the students. Aside the inter house sports, students are engaged in regular sporting activities in other to promote physical fitness. 


We dont just teach our pupils from the text books, the school has the facility to impact vocational skills for every child enrolled in our institution. Pupils are encourage to have hands on experience with tools that will further enable them to be self relaint.


We have social clubs that encourage team work and competitiveness. Every one of our pupils belong to a social club and the clubs are registered to participate in national competitions.